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Unique Therapy
Unique Therapy

Unique Therapy

Unique Therapies remote service is designed to provide support and fit into your lifestyle without requiring a change to your routines or leaving home.

Are you ready to reclaim your wellbeing - mind, body and spirit?
What if there was a simple way to have whole body and mind wellness that’s fast, non-invasive, drug-free and doesn’t involve talking for hours.

Are you struggling right now with aspects of your wellbeing?
Maybe you feel not quite yourself. You have noticed you feel tired all the time, you can’t think straight, feel overwhelmed easily or struggle to make decisions. 

If you are open-minded and committed to trying new methods, and looking for another way to maintain your focus and energy, then the remote option is a popular choice when you can’t get to us. This works for UK and internationally based clients.

This option is an emotionally intelligent approach to assist the body’s ability to boost energy. It helps to support emotional alignment by using bioresonance energy balancing technology, which works with you at your cellular level. This method uses the body’s own energy system and provides personalised feedback so you know exactly what needs working on. That way we can help align your body before and after the therapy session.

The goal is to enjoy the 'Benefits'...

Fast solutions to your wellbeing. Clear blocked energy in the mind and body.

Rebalancing and restoring helping you to maintain your vitality.

Our support process:

The process is simple.  All you need to do is to provide a hair sample. We analyse the energies and find a solution through bespoke therapies for mind and body balancing. 

The unit reads each person and creates a personalised report for that individual.  No two reports will be the same.  This report gives detailed information on what needs realigning or balancing so you can see the progression from each session clearly and easily.  This provides a foundation for your therapy and a plan to move forward.

How does this work?

With advanced technology, we are able to apply bioresonance therapy into a mobile phone like operation with an automated data link. Radio waves keep in touch with you on a cellular level, and they are monitored and correction applied directly, making it easier to get 6 hours of therapy with minimum disruption.

We are currently offering an emergency COVID-19 discount to allow everyone to benefit from remote therapy during this time. Please pass this on to others who may need it.

Unique Therapies - Remote Bioresonance
Unique Therapies - Remote Bioresonance
Remote Bioresonance Assessment Form
Remote Bioresonance Assessment Form
Remote Bioresonance Scan
Remote Bioresonance Scan

Treatments Duration and Cost

Remote Bioresonace is available with variable duration, depending on Individual requirements which can range from 2.5 hours to 6 hours
The initial consultation is free
Currently discounted rates 
£50 for 2.5 hours  (previously £70)
£89 for 6 hours   ( previously £150)

Longer therapy sessions may help you achieve optimal wellbeing faster.

I feel more focused, fuller and detached from issues I was carrying around internally.

Veronika Divincova Leader in health

I feel that negative dark stuff has been cleared out, I am experiencing clarity, purpose, drive and energy – much more like my old self – only more centred and balanced.

Rain Hitchman MD Matters of the Mind