Unique Therapies - Bio Resonance - Body Balancing & Mental Wellness
Unique Therapies - BioResonance Therapy


Unique Therapies - BioResonance Therapy


Unique Therapies - BioResonance Therapy


Sharp Mind, Energised Body

Unique Therapies offer an different  approach to wellness.
Fast, drug-free, non-invasive treatments which balance your body, mind and spirit. All of our solutions optimise your energy and contribute to your wellbeing.

Using bioresonance technology along with ancient therapeutic techniques; Unique Therapies help busy people with multiple responsibilities who feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unable to make fast decisions, get back to being themselves.

The treatment goes beyond simple self-care and works at a cellular level to pinpoint and adjust any imbalances in your body. It can be performed in person or remotely and works fast; saving you time, money and effort. Many report feeling awakened and motivated to achieve their life goals

Here are some of the results achieved:

Unique Therapies - Bio Resonance Thearapy

I am feeling vibrant and I’m back at the top of my game...

Edward CEO
Unique Therapies - Bio Resonance Thearapy

I am back to my confident and energetic self with a sense of calmness...

Lesley Business owner
Unique Therapies - Bio Resonance Thearapy

I’m clear and focused on what to do next and business is thriving...

Ruth Entrepreneur


  • Fast working solutions that bring an overall wellness.
  • Have a sharp mind and energised body so you perform at your best every day
  • Experience greater focus and peak performance
  • Think clearly and express yourself
  • Feel awake and refreshed, feel elevated & lifted, feel light
  • The mind calms down and you feel in control and at peace
  • Stop going into overwhelm
  • Self-awareness
  • Let go of past hurts and heel yourself from within